Managed Solution Provider (MSP)

DPD Software is a MSP, a Managed Solutions Provider, this is not a certification nor can one get one, it is simply the type of business we operate.  We are similar to a Managed Service Provider but "MSP" is where the similarity ends.  What’s the difference?

When your SME brings a challenge, our team begins to work with you to develop an understanding of the expected outcomes the challenge presents. You will never get, “This is what we sell to our clients.” Or “We offer this to our customers; do you wish to opt in?”.  At DPD Software we understand your business is unique and even two similar competitors are most likely doing things differently.  There is no mentality for the one-size-fits-all with our technologist.

As a Managed Solutions Provider, we carry on our bench, fully certified software engineers and consultants along with hardware technicians.  We are not a hardware support organization that grew into selling software. We are a solution delivery organization who understands the hardware requirements of the systems your SME needs to manage.

Our software experts understand the rigors of the software solutions you leverage in your business and as they "speak" the language of software developers, our support technicians quickly win over confidence of any other software vendors you have on your team. With in-house software experts available to our team (and inherently your team), we are able to quickly react to your concerns or the concerns our hardware technicians may encounter while on your site.

Software contributes to over 95% of the system interruptions your organization will face each day. Our software experts, being available to our hardware technicians means we are able to deliver faster, more accurate resolutions to challenges.  Our technicians, while well trained, can also depend on high quality support from our in-house software developers and implementers.  Having a “DPD tech” on your team means having people who understand your business’ automation platforms (the software you use to operate your business).

As a managed solutions provider, DPD Software comes to you with over 25 years of expertise designing, deploying, training and supporting software solutions for the SME.  Your SME may be using an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution; accounting systems with various add-ons; a simple solution like Quickbooks or an industry specific solution, our technicians are comfortable  supporting your software environment as they know they have expertise in-house to help them quickly identify issues that go "past" hardware.

DPD Software can deliver services across a wide section of the spectrum of IT infrastructure for the SME markets, but this holistic concept for support services is only viable because we understand collaboration and "co-competition".  Large enterprises can afford specialist at every level, the SME needs a support team that can deliver within a reasonable budget and work closely with other teams to put together the whole solution.

Partnering with us, your managed solutions provider, not only helps reduce the workload of your internal team but also fills in critical technology gaps. Meet your compliance requirements; manage your network; secure your data; keep your business resilient; bridge your technology gaps by taking advantage of our consultants, developers and technicians. Partnering with DPD Software means instantly adding skills, expertise and tools to your team that get the job done.

At DPD Software there are no problems, only challenges awaiting their solutions.


We are experienced configuring hardware devices from PCs to mobile handhelds. IoT, IIoT, RFID and EDI are technologies we work with.  Safeguarding your business while operating computer systems sounds complex but it is what we train to do each day. As a managed solutions provider we help you control costs. not only by having reliable experts available, we also offer tools to automate and/or keep your team efficient and productive. Our solutions complement your in-house support team, and as they automate mundane tasks, it leaves your team  more time to focus on your staff.


When you outsource, you’ll never lose support when a technician leaves or calls in sick. Our MSP is available 24x7x365. When you use our on-demand support, you can access our technicians directly.  You will never get an answering service, if the tech did not answer, he/she is likely in the washroom, leave a message. We serve 365 days a year, with no breaks over the holidays. No vacations, sick leave or benefits required.


As an IT managed solutions provider, and when under contract, we generate predictable monthly bills, based on budgets negotiated directly with you BEFORE we began. That means you don’t have to worry about things like benefits, bonuses or employee taxes; sick leave, paternity leave or vacations. Your IT partner will be here to support you even when your internal staff take a vacation.

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