Desktop/Device Support

Once your desktop and devices are registered with our team, our technicians are available to support device functionality and diagnose device issues.
The goal of this service is to keep your team focused on their roles by ensuring their systems are running smoothly with fast, easy to access support at their finger tips.

Vulnerability monitoring services are used to provide independent feedback on the status of your network for proactive support. However, we see this as a tool to offer clients an independent audit of our services. These reports are also used by you to measure our performance.

On the Cyber-security front, your team is covered with a full suite of on-line defenses. From training on topics starting at ransomware avoidance and BEC defenses, to informing staff on the importance of data privacy to them, and the organization. Simulated attacks on your organization keeps your team on their "toes". Finally, we watch your back as we scour the dark web searching for published details on your entire team, so you can be aware and respond appropriately.

Application, Computer, peripherals and accessories support is there to assist your team in over coming day-to-day challenges with all of your general-purpose applications. Where industrial specific vertical solutions are deployed, customized services can be included. Our technical staff can also offer input to day-to-day challenges your staff encounter.  Desktop support services can also include regular back-ups of data local to end points.

In the end, our team is fully aware that to your team, these devices and software are tools they use to assist them at their jobs. Your team is the expert, our team must keep them productive.

We invite you to review consulting service available to your team.  From adopting new technology to understanding how to compliment or introduce software and devices that can bring value to your organization, our consultants are here to work with your team and get you there.

On the desktop side of Cyber Security we offer services to help keep your team safe.  We stress on that comment the word “Help”.  Cyber security is everyone business.  You cannot depend on your MSP to keep you safe. We cannot keep you safe without your help.   Security is everyone’s business.

Our services support your security road map

  • eMail phishing awareness training including BEC attacks and many other topics to support your team’s ability to avoid being tricked by these eMail efforts.
  • Simulated attacks on your team so we can help them test their readiness.
  • Monitoring and reporting back to your team any data found released to the “Dark web”.  Know if your password is known or maybe answers to some of your security questions. Armed with this type of information, teams can anticipate attacks and make changes to your defenses to mitigate the potential impacts from the the data leaks reported.
  • Monitoring services for cyber attacks from malware and viruses; or even bad actors attempting to a take control can be detected and stopped.
  • Shadow IT protection services.

Keep your team and their desktops available and ready to work.  That is the goal.

Why is ERP not in the Digital Transformation section? The answer from our perspective, it should not be.  Digital transformation does not imply the deployment of an ERP system. We will argue that ERP systems are the best platforms to start with when planning a digital transformation. To the point,  “digital transformation”, is about adopting digital transforming technologies with a premediated intent of meeting your company’s goals and ambitions.

DPD Software specializes in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, however, with over 25 years in the field of business automation, you should not be surprised to learn that we have worked in hospitality, retail and the services sectors. With a career that spans over 2 decades it is easier to tell you what we will not do.

We have from time to time, undertaken special projects for larger enterprises and mostly on the custom software side of our service offering.  Outside of this, we are happy to engage you and work to see if we are a good fit.

When it comes to ERP systems, our team believes you should select solutions that fit your business and not solutions you must fit your business to. This implies that we will not come in with any predetermined notion that we have your solution in our hands. 

Having mentioned this, we carry ERP software from Priority Software.  This  vendor offers a system that is mature and boasts many installations world-wide. The software is particularly suited to the manufacturing , distribution and wholesale space.  With it strong financial module, asset tracking, mobility and relationship management features, it also serves well in many services industries.

Priority also offers Point of Sale solution but for companies with 20+ stores.

Under Priority Software we are approved to offer deployment, training and support services for the needs of those SMEs whose requirements fit. Although we understand no one solution fits all, as a consulting firm supporting the SME market, we in turn must be nimble and be ready to serve as a one-stop-shop to smaller SME in the ecosystem when called upon to do so.

Are you interested in improving your supply logistics and need to understand how IIoT can help? Maybe you are wondering if RFID is the right solution for your challenge; or would EDI bring benefits to your organization, maybe you are just being forced into EDI (that how it normally happens at the SME level).  Our consultants are here for you.

Our consultants have real  experience configuring, deploying and supporting many technologies you may think are exclusive to the larger enterprises.  Technologies today are very accessible and it is not unheard of for the SME to be deploying sensors, implementing RFID solutions or even adopting EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Are you confused by how you can leverage the Internet, DPD Software purchased Canada Overdrive On-Line (COOL) in 1996 so our team could get involved in working with everything “e”. If we can’t help you, we will know someone you could.

From eMail solutions to eCommerce our team of consultants can assist your SME with understanding and adopting technologies to fit an SME budget.

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