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Products and Services

e-Business Solutions: Needs requirement analysis; General Retail, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Shipping, Security, and Financial systems; Intranet and Extranet solutions; e-Commerce development; WEB development and design; Order Entry and Point-Of-Sale Integration.

Custom Software Solutions: Needs requirement analysis; Design and Analysis, Consulting Services, Software Development, Project Management. DPD Software offers a wide range of custom software development built to work with numerous

Point of Sale: Concept analysis; General Retail, Distribution, Hospitality, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Service Industries; Inventory Control, Job Tracking, Barcoding, Scanners, Scales, Cash Drawers, Receipt Printers and many more systems. Sales, Service and Support. Point of Sale systems from Comcash, ClearPOS, Adegio, Sage AccPac and Sage Business Visions

Office Automation: DPD Software has been providing business to business services since 1992. During those many years your team has accumulated expertise in a wide range of hardware and software designed to allow the business owner to take control of the various repetitive task that must be done but kills a lot of manpower. We know running a small business is not always as smooth as you want it to be and both you and your team would be pulled away from your true task to deal with issues that MUST be death with. Like sending out an invoice, managing paperwork and filing, tracking projects and figuring out profitability. YES!!! All necessary but is what you got into business to do? No, but it must be done.

At DPD Software we understand that a true Business Productivity Platform means mapping, integrating and support a host of software and hardware tools so your team can focus on the things you got into business to do. We understand the limited human resources that you have and that efficiency to a SMB means helping you keep your team focused on the job at hand and at the same time ensuring all the other necessary task get done with ease.

Wireless Connectivity: Wireless connectivity is really taking a strong footing in todays market place. Be it Wide Area Networking (office to office), Local Area Network (LAN) or Hot Spot services, or warehouse inventory management, DPD Software Ltd. is well positioned to assist you with your goals.