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Point of Sale

Our point of sale experience ranges from grocery stores and gas stations to restaurants and hotels. On-line stores also are considered a point of sale system but due to the current market naming conventions we refer to them as "eCommerce" on "On-Line" ordering sites.  What you as the customer will end up with is a service provider with a unique ability to integrate leading edge POS technology with a solution that is specific to the business needs of each individual customer. DPD Software provides a number of technology-based Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, including:
  • Retail cash systems;
  • Barcode technologies;
  • Inventory Management systems & Data Acquisition systems;
  • Systems integration;
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI);
  • On-line/e-Commerce business development;
  • General retail;
  • Grocery systems;
  • Restaurant systems.
Benefits of DPD Software's POS Systems solutions:
  • Secure access and accountability;
  • Accurate and reliable tracking of financial transactions; 
  • Accurate, fast service at checkout; 
  • Cost savings: timely information through flexible, accurate reporting; 
  • Back office management; 
  • Inventory Control management; 
  • Sales/promotion management; 
  • Total management of price list and price structure.
  • Mobility (full support for mobile devices for easy "work where your product is" support.
It has been long recognized that no one Point of Sale solution can fit every business out there. This is why DPD Software Ltd. offers a wide range of solutions. Our expertise in this wide range of product gives our team the insight to confidently select a solution for your business. As a result of maintaining a wide range of products in the Business Management Arena we are never trying to sell one product and fit you into it. Our consultants base their recommendation on your business' unique requirements and work with our integration team to bring you a solution best fitted to your business.