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Why Choose DPD

DPD Software Ltd. delivers IT solutions designed to address your business needs - be it a web based solution or a software integration solution built from custom and/or "off the shelf" tools. Over the years DPD Software has gained considerable experience as a result of its direct involvement in the deployment of systems for a wide range of businesses. Some of these industries include food services, general merchandising, legal, hotel, entertainment, medical, education, manufacturing, financial, transportation, hospitality and distribution.

The biggest challenge facing companies today is choosing the right solution. Having a knowledgeable and experienced member on your technology team from the ground up is the proven way to keep long term costs under control. DPD Software's consultants are excellent team players who recognize that solutions are built from a variety of well integrated products, typically supplied by more than one vendor.

DPD Software is the best choice for the job. At DPD Software the team is built around a culture that promotes networking and the concept that good solutions are built by the people who know the job best. The ability to recognize and accept that the right amount of expertise is typically supplied by a variety of vendors is what makes DPD Software a good team player. As a result DPD Software is better positioned to harness the strengths necessary to deliver your solution.

Well nurtured skills and expertise with technologies that support sales, administrative and management functions is what makes DPD Software best suited to work with you. Experience in a wide cross-section of technologies gives you the advantage when DPD Software is on your team.

Most importantly, DPD Software's solutions are designed from ground up to address your bottom line. Your marketing team specializes in increasing your sales but what happens to your cost. Our solutions have saved our clients thousands of dollars year over year by improving efficiency, reducing loss due to errors in data processing and delivering features and functions that surpass today's growing demand for electronic delivery of accurate, timely information.

In the end... WE SAVE YOU MONEY!!!