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PurpleSoft Mobile ERP Basics

Why did DPD Software Ltd. choose to be a HansaWorld Partner?

PurpleSoft Mobile ERP powered by HansaWorld is a feature-rich, highly innovative business software that strengthens DPD Software’s position in migrating its customers to “Life After Sage Business Vision” as well as any small business wanting to take advantage of HansaWorld’s single, integrated software solution covering Accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. DPD Software Ltd is a member of the HansaWorld Business Partner network, the HansaWorld Group includes 19 offices in all the major continents, has distribution coverage in 70 countries and has sold more than 78,000 installations in around 120 countries.  A version of HansaWorld’s flagship product, PurpleSoft Mobile ERP is designed to position our software in the small business (SMB) market.

Communication between clients and database is designed to work over modem speeds

HansaWorld implemented concepts of data compression and other traditional speed optimization techniques turning to Object Databases and other similar "structural" selections in order to bring faster results to the user's screens.  Today cellular networks deliver faster speeds than modems ever did resulting in software that delivers information at the speed you need.

Security of Data

Security with HansaWorld's product was an important part of the original design.  HansaWorld supports the basic "End user" vision of security.  User IDs with passwords, modules locked out by user, screens and “fields” on screens restricted by user.  The software even allows for certain fields to become unavailable if a condition is met.  A good example of the latter case, if a sales person attempts to quote a job under a predetermine margin, the software can be configured to prevent  that quote and only that quote from being printed without a manager’s approval.  All data files attached to the program are taken into the "database of information", encrypted before being stored which guarantees security of information even to internal staff who may inadvertently come across a file stored within the HansaWorld embedded document management system. PurpleSoft Mobile ERP brings you this control over data within the application and as it exists on your server.


Data designed to be Accessed from anywhere

In order for a system to support an "access from anywhere" requirement, that system must be able to transmit the information across any medium and the system must have control of all information relevant to any possible user request.  PurpleSoft Mobile ERP takes a copy of the requested file, encrypts the file and saves the file into the "database of information", an area which is pre-defined for use by the software when implemented.  This means that if you are using a cell phone to access the file, your phone will have to be able to resolve the location of that file in order to retrieve the file and display it.  Yes this is as difficult as it sounds and typically involves remote access and/or “VPN” technology (3rd party software).  HansaWorld's PurpleSoft Mobile ERP simply transmits the file copy it controls to your phone where the client software will unencrypt the file and that file is now available for you to view (think PDF for example).


Separation of Engine and Graphical User Interface

This is the most complex aspect of HansaWorld's software and our explanation is weak at best.  Remember our goal is to simplify in order to bring a basic concept to the layman/end user. Our description here by our standard is very simplistic and to more knowledgeable folks, too simplistic.   Most software we reviewed did not have this feature, but rather stuck with Microsoft only or MAC only and delivers some functionality to other devices by using web site technology.  What this means to us as a reseller is that HansaWorld can deliver on the promise to have clients on the market for new operating systems such as Windows 8.  Windows 10 is coming and HansaWorld will be there first.  Why??!!  HansaWorld's design was structured in a manner that allows the programming team to take the code and re-compile for the target operating system.  Once done, differences are adjusted  and then the GUI, which is controlled by the Engine of the software renders itself.  A client is born. This unique ability tells us as a Partner that the software vendor we have selected will be able to remain competitive and a leader as new operating systems are delivered.  Why is this important?  You may not have noticed however the typical home owner uses up to five (5) different operating systems in their home today.  Let's count them, on your Windows PC you have Windows, that's 1, on your MAC you have another, MAC OS, that's 2. On your iPhone or iPad, you have iSO, that's 3. On your Android Phone, Android, that's 4 and on your set-top box, you are probably using Linux or JAVA, that's 5.  So, having a software vendor who could respond to market demand for compliance with new operating systems is very important to you as a business owner and to us as a Partner.   


Multi-language Support
Hansaworld is a Swedish company.  Naturally, they had the added pressure from day one to support multiple languages as they have 5 to 6 neighbours speaking different languages.  PurpleSoft Mobile ERP's Canadian version comes out of the box with both Canadian English and French; the US version comes out of the box with Spanish and English.  Note, this is not just output but screens and messages within the system as well.  Users in Quebec log in and they see French screens, users in Miami Latino quarter log in and they see Spanish and so on.  

Multi-currency Support

Like languages above, multi-currency was just another natural to the development team at HansaWorld and this comes embedded with the base Engine for the system.


"Out-Grown" Pathway
Eventually your company will grow or you plan for your company to grow. The software you select today for your small business will likely need to change as very few software vendors can boast to having a smooth transition between their products.  For Example, Sage Software gives you Sage 100, 300 and 500 and then Sage X3 for enterprise level functionality. The jump between Sage ### and Sage X3 is akin to purchasing a completely new software.  HansaWorld offers a micro -business version (Standard Accounts), PurpleSoft Mobile ERP for teh SME (1 to 50 users) and Standard ERP (SME 1 to 1000 users). HansaWorld delivers true upgrade capability. You do not loose functionality, investment in training or custom configurations. There are no significant costs incurred because your company grew!  Hansaworld recognizes that even small businesses need great functionality and PurpleSoft Mobile ERP, we can take care of you but when you grow, Standard ERP can take over the heavy lifting support 1 to 1000 Usrs.
With such a powerful foundation all that was left to review were the systems modules, functionality and ease of use. You can read about the modules of PurpleSoft Mobile ERP at this link or click here to download a demo now.  
A word of caution to the downloader, unlike our competitors whose solution is a mix of the software, a 3rd party database, 3rd party add-ons and other such complexities, PurpleSoft Mobile ERP clients are user installable.  This does not simplify or detract from the fact that this is Enterprise Resource planning Software!  
Please contact our office for some free support on a couple tips and tricks that will then allow an informed and/or experienced user to play with this system.
PurpleSoft Mobile ERP
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