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First steps in selecting a new ERP software with Examples


YesYesUnknownVerify the Software House (Manufacturer) and your software Partner are going to be there for you long term. Do they have a track record of being around?
YesYesN/A *Is the manufacturer investing in new technology, development and improvement of the software?
StrongStrongUnknownIs the software manufacturer growing year over year? This tells you that the software is selling well on the market.
YesYes??The core designers and developers stable, is the corporate leadership also stable.
YesYesYesDoes the software manufacturers website provide good information on the product
Yes and No !YesNo !Is the software being tailored to any vertical markets, Field Service, Manufacturing, etc.
No !YesNo !Does the software offer "off-the-shelf" features and functionality thereby reducing the potential for having to deploy customizations and third party add-ons?
YesYesN/A +Does the user interface and ease-of-use concepts implemented help with user acceptance and the reduction of learning curves?
YesYesNo +Does the software have an existing install base and are customer references available for your industry?  More importantly are there customer references to companies that use the software the way you will want to use it?
YesYesNo *Does the software manufacturer offer features that embrace new concepts within the software?
Both but a different versions for eachBoth "Off-the-Shelf" in one version."on premise" onlyCan the software be installed On-Premise, Cloud Hosted Software as a Service ERP or both.
   * Spire is newly proposed software so there is no track record to demonstrate this aspect. Tri-tech does have a track record for building new add-ons.
   ?? The company is not well known and find this type of information is difficult.
   ! Both Spire and Sage depend on 3rd party products to bring in new ideas.
   + Spire is not yet available so we do not know.  We do know that they intend to copy Business Vision's interface so maybe the answer may be Yes.
   * Until the product is on the market and reviewed there is no way to tell.