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Sage Business Vision Software Solution

Announcement: January 31, 2015

DPD Software gives up Sage Business Vision Partner certification

On January 31, 2015 DPD Software allowed their Sage partnership to expire, signaling the end of our relationship with Sage Software.  Sage's sudden announcement that "The Next Generation of Business Vision is Sage 300 On-line", and the lack of support information that followed, has led DPD Software to conclude that Sage was not concerned with the well-being of their Business Vision Partner network. It is important for existing customers to realize that this announcement translates to Business Vision being moved towards "End of Life" and the "Your next generation of Business Visions is Sage 300 On-line", in layman's terms, says that Business Vision is no longer being maintained and hence you need to migrate to their next generation of software along with the costs associated with introducing new software to your business.  For customers who use Business Vision, value exists in keeping your business with the Sage Software solution providers as this business tool is almost guaranteed support for possibly 4 to 5 more years – sufficient time to better investigate what’s new and better optimized to sharpen your competitive edge. 

DPD Software Ltd. joined the Business Vision Partner network in late 1994 and when purchased, Sage re-branded the product "Sage Business Vision", and with its partner network adopted, DPD Software Ltd. became a Vertical Solution Partner (VSP).  DPD Software Ltd.'s involvement in the development of solutions delivered over the years means that our team has become highly proficient with the Business Vision (BV) system. We are, as a result, capable of supporting various versions of the application. The "implementation experience" gained, by working with many industries and supported with the benefits of our hardware division, is an asset we retain. Our ability to understand your requirements and develop solutions and strategies for your Information Technology challenges is not dependent on any one solution we offer as experience can be transferred between various Business Tools.

After 4 plus years of research and solution investigations into newer solutions to extend our product line,  we selected a new Partner Network to add to our company's offering. DPD Software signed an agreement with HansaWorld USA Inc. to become a full member of the HansaWorld Business Partner network.  Since early 2013 our team has been retraining on this modern and highly innovative business software, making sure that we are ready to protect the interruptions to our customers’ business by being in a position to navigate their migration to a new platform as their business outgrows BV.

In our commitment to our Customers being able to benefit from software that leverages more modern technology and concepts, DPD Software approached HansaWorld for a scaled down version of this product designed to fit the Business Vision type market. We are pleased to recommend PurpleSoft Mobile ERP powered by HansaWorld  to all our Sage Business Vision clients – these solutions incorporate data convertors developed for Sage Business Vision data files.  For Customers who have outgrown Sage Business Vision, we recommend Standard ERP by HansaWorld.

To learn more on becoming a PurpleSoft Mobile ERP Business partner, follow this link:
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